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  • Nick Cardillo

Now on Kickstarter - "The Novellas of Solar Pons"

Today I am thrilled to share that the Kickstarter is live for The Novellas of Solar Pons. Featured in this collection is my story, "The Devil's Book." Released by Belanger Books, this collection of four new novellas is the first to be authorized by the August Derleth Estate. Follow the link below to support the project on Kickstarter today!

"The Devil's Book" finds Solar Pons and his colleague, Dr. Parker, summoned by the wealthy reclusive collector, Claude Dixon. Dixon, who claims to have come into possession pf a centuries-old book that has the power to conjure the Devil himself. When the book is stolen, the detectives' lives are put in danger like never before as they encounter a bloodthirsty killer who will do anything to get the book before Pons and Parker have a chance to retrieve it.

Also included in this brand new collection are stories by Derrick Belanger, David Marcum, and Chris Chan.

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