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Nick Cardillo has always enjoyed stories, especially mysteries. He is the author of The Feats of Sherlock Holmes and The Improbable Casebook of Sherlock Holmes. He is a frequent contributor to The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories anthology series, the largest collection of pastiches in the style of Arthur Conan Doyle in history. His story "The Adventure of the Parisian Butcher" appeared in The Art of Sherlock Holmes: West Palm Beach and "The Adventure of the Burning Man" in The Art of Sherlock Holmes: Global Edition II. His work has also been included in other collections published by Belanger Books.


Nick holds degrees from Susquehanna University in Journalism and Theatre. When he is not writing, he is pursuing his love of theatre both on stage and behind-the-scenes. Nick is an avid reader and film buff - the horror films of Hammer Studios being particular favorites. 

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